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DTS Protect Ear Plugs have multiple styles, providing the necessary hearing protection across a range of decibels, as well as comfort of use, catering for industries that want to maximise noise reduction, as well as those that need to control noise levels in the environment in which their staff work. The DTS Protect metal detectable range (both chord and plug) also provides safety of use in food production settings. 
They are most suitable for use in the following industries:
•    Food Production
•    Manufacturing and Industrial
•    Construction
•    Aviation
•    Automotive Industry
•    Agriculture
•    Oil and Gas Industry
•    Forestry and Logging
•    Healthcare
•    Shooting Range

DTS PROTECT website images (2).png
DTS PROTECT (70).png
DTS PROTECT (70).png


DTS PROTECT (66).png

Colour: Blue (Xmas tree shape)
SKU: 7230X
Level of noise control: 27.6 dB 

DTS PROTECT (66).png

Colour: Blue (Classic shape)
SKU: 7230S
Level of noise control: 37 dB 


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